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NDX Growth & Income Fund



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Fund Overview


The Fund is a closed-end investment trust that invests in an actively managed portfolio consisting of securities included in the NASDAQ-100 IndexSM and utilizes Strathbridge’s proprietary SSO covered call writing strategy to enhance the income generated by the portfolio and to reduce volatility.


The NASDAQ-100 Index includes 100 of the largest U.S. domestic and international non-financial securities and reflects companies across major industry groups including computer hardware and software, telecommunications, retail/wholesale trade and biotechnology. The Fund is appropriate for those investors looking for conservative exposure to NASDAQ 100 equities while earning attractive distributions and utilizing Strathbridge’s proprietary SSO covered call writing strategy to enhance the income generated by the portfolio and to reduce volatility.


Class A Unit

  • Trade on the TSX under the ticker symbol NGI.UN
  • May be Hedged back to the Canadian dollar at the discretion of the Manager
  • Pays distributions in Canadian dollars

Class U Unit

  • Denominated in US dollars – NAV calculated in US dollars daily
  • Pays US dollar distributions
  • Redeemable in US dollars
  • Convertible into Class A units weekly


Class A distributions 0f $0.60 per Class A unit per annum are paid in the amount of $0.15 each calendar quarter.

Class U distributions of US$0.60 per Class U unit per annum are paid in the amount of US$0.15 each calendar quarter.

Distributions are not fixed but are reviewed and set annually at the discretion of the Fund.


The portfolio will generally consist of 20-30 positions selected from those securities included in the NASDAQ-100 IndexSM.

Top 10 Holdings as of June 30, 2019
Holding Name % of NAV
Cash      10.6%
Costco Wholesale Corporation      6.7%
PepsiCo, Inc.      6.3%
Lam Research Corporation      5.8%
Microsoft Corporation      5.7%
Adobe Systems Incorporated      5.7%
T-Mobile US, Inc.      5.6%
Comcast Corporation      5.6%
Charter Communications, Inc.      5.3%
Cadence Design Systems, Inc.      5.2%
Sector Allocations



As of 10-17-2019
Current NAV for NGI.UN: $8.09
Market Price: $8.18
Last Traded: 10-11-2019
Current NAV for Class U: $8.65
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 Quick Facts
Inception Date: 12-19-2013
Total Assets As of 06-30-2019: $3.37 mm
Management Fee: 1%
Service Fee: N/A
 Distributions & Tax
Current Distributions for NGI.UN: $0.15
Current Yield: 7.33%
Current Distributions for Class U: $0.15
Current Yield: 6.00%
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