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Fund Overview


The Fund is a split share corporation designed to provide investors with exposure to six Canadian banks and utilizes Strathbridge’s proprietary SSO covered call writing strategy to enhance the income generated by the portfolio and to reduce volatility.


The six Canadian banks have a history of strong earnings growth, which has resulted in increases in their dividend rates and share price appreciation.  The preferred shares are appropriate for an investor looking for a more secure investment than common equities with an attractive distribution.  The class A shares are appropriate for an investor seeking a leveraged play on the six banks included in the portfolio while earning attractive distributions.


Preferred share distributions of $0.8625 per share per annum are paid quarterly for a yield of 5.75% on the $15.00 original issue price. Currently the Fund is paying distributions of $0.81276 per share per annum on the Class A shares on a quarterly basis.


The Fund invests in common shares of each of the following six Canadian banks while adjusting allocations to each bank over time depending on the Investment Manager’s outlook (Bank of Montreal, Bank of Nova Scotia, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, National Bank of Canada, Royal Bank of Canada, The Toronto-Dominion Bank).

Top 6 Holdings as of January 31, 2018
Holding Name % of NAV
Royal Bank of Canada      24.4%
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce      20.9%
Bank of Montreal      20.0%
The Toronto-Dominion Bank      18.5%
The Bank of Nova Scotia      15.0%
Cash      1.0%
Sector Allocations



As of 02/15/2018
Current NAV for PIC.PR.A: $15.00
Market Price: $15.20
Last Traded: 02/20/2018
Current NAV for PIC.A: $7.34
Market Price: $7.54
Last Traded: 02/21/2018
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 Quick Facts
Inception Date: 10/30/1996
Total Assets As of 01/31/2018: $233.96 mm
Management Fee: 0.9%
Service Fee: N/A
 Distributions & Tax
Current Distributions for PIC.PR.A: $0.22
Current Yield: 5.67%
Current Distributions for PIC.A: $0.20
Current Yield: 10.78%
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